Learn how to make the best cocktails ever - the ones of Vila Foz Bar, of course, your favorite spot in the city of Porto!

With summer approaching, there is nothing like a late afternoon cocktail with friends. At Vila Foz Bar, we are proud of our classic and signature cocktail menu. So that you can enjoy them at home, we decided to share a video and unveil some of our secrets.


They require some technique, varied ingredients and specific utensils (add boldness and imagination in the case of signature ones). These are the necessary elements to learn how to make our wonderful cocktails and impress your friends next time you have them over.


At Vila Foz Bar, we focus on the presentation and the perfect balance of our cocktails. We have a diverse and extensive menu that ranges from the classic to the creative, from the most exotic to the most conventional flavors.


Leading a dedicated and professional team is Carlos Chaves, our Bar Chef. Born in Porto, he is bold, creative and passionate about the art of mixing drinks and turning them into good moments of pleasure and sharing. With the aim of surprising the palates and providing memorable moments to those who visit us, the Chef makes his alchemy of aromas, flavors and textures that result in original and irresistible creations. With extensive knowledge and experience in places of reference, he believes on professionalism and originality as a way of differentiation. Favorite cocktail? Whiskey Sour.


We chose a special cocktail for you: the Pineapple Express. Watch the video, become an expert and enjoy the good moments of life!


And whenever you feel like it, you know where to find us. We are in the heart of Foz, facing the sea of ​​Porto, in a cozy and vintage space. Inside, the low tables, sofas and armchairs are an invitation for good conversations and sharing while outside, it’s time to enjoy the Atlantic freshness and the sea on the horizon.

Watch Pineapple Express Video