Gerês, or the Poem Written by Nature



On the banks of this tranquil creek, in the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, I am enveloped by a spectacle of nature that catches me off guard. The intense and lush green that covers the hills and mountains within my view is like a shroud of hope, caressing the child-land. Here, in this thriving temple of nature, life unfolds as a cosmic dance of elements, in perfect and gentle harmony.


In Gerês, where oak and chestnut trees abound, the roots cling to the earth like the ties that connect us to life. The frequent rain that bathes this landscape is like the Earth's heartbeat, a steady rhythm that nourishes the region's green soul. It is water that means life, oxygen, purity. Water that is both renewal and eternity. A gift from Mother Nature that feeds not only the rivers and streams but all the beings inhabiting the region.


Right before me, just a few feet away, stands an Iberian Wolf, a symbol of resilience and guardian of these mountains – sadly, like so many other species in today's world, endangered and threatened with extinction. My faith in the Universe is renewed. Just like the wolf that persists in the shadows, life is about resistance and perseverance. The ecosystems we observe remind us that even in the face of adversity, life survives and reinvents itself with an unyielding strength that prevails and adapts to the blowing winds without breaking.


As I meander along the winding trails, I meet the Garranos, the wild horses of Gerês, which roam freely, like the thoughts of a poet. Observing these noble animals, I understand that in some way, they personify the serenity of life in harmony with the earth. Just like Gerês, they are an extension of the landscape, bound to the land as poets are to words.


In the silence of these valleys, hills, and mountains, I hear the music of nature – a gentle murmur of the river, the rustling of leaves, the song of the birds. Each note is a verse in the symphony of life that resonates throughout the valleys and gorges. Here, nature is the supreme teacher, and humanity is the eternal student, forever seeking to learn how to share its lifetime with its embracing planet.


Gerês is the poetry of the land, a protected work of natural art, a refuge where the soul finds peace and inspiration. As the sun paints the horizon with hues of hope and the stars emerge in the night sky, I continue my journey of wonder and contemplation, immersed in a profound connection with nature that finds its purest expression in the heart of this green landscape. In this setting of absolute serenity, where life flows like the blood of the earth, every moment is a tribute to the majesty of Creation. In the Northern region of the country, Minho embraces you with its green: in the landscape, in the wine, and in the soul. It is a deeply poetic feeling that touched my soul through its colors, its essence, and its authenticity.



*Resulting from an exercise that combines the ingenuity of artificial intelligence with the human touch, this text transports the sensitivity of Henry David Thoreau to the modern era, highlighting the unique beauty of the Peneda-Gerês National Park in Northern Portugal. As you read the recreated words of the author, it's as if you can walk alongside him through the green valleys and refreshing waterfalls of Minho, explore the wild territories of the Iberian Wolves, and understand the deep connection between nature and the human spirit.