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Temporary closure 

Since the recent opening, Vila Foz Hotel & Spa and its Team, has been hosting its Guests, with great pleasure and commitment, ensuring full comfort, safety and providing a service of excellence and quality.

Today, due the circumstances in which we live, because of COVID-19, this commitment is also present in our mission, being unquestionable the public health and our guests, employees and respective families well-being.

In order to assume an ethical and responsible behaviour towards the society, and because we consider that the conditions are not fulfilled to the proper functioning of the Hotel, we are obliged to close temporarily, all our services, as of the date hereof and until the current situation is resolved, with the guarantee that the public health is again ensured.

We thank all our guests, staff and friends and, soon, we’ll be together!

Vila Foz Hotel & SPA

Located on the seafront, the majestic palatial building is surrounded by unrivaled tranquility yet close to the vibrant life of Porto.

The SPA overlooking the Atlantic can balance your senses, in the restaurants Vila Foz and Flor de Lis, delight yourself with the best local cuisine and in the gardens around the hotel, relax and enjoy the view. You can expect luxurious experience with a personalized service concierge with the best recommendations to fulfill your requests.

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