BODY COUTURE TREATMENT:   Personalized restorative body massage, according to your individual preferences (includes skin diagnosis).

Duration:   90 min |   Price:   € 200.00

RELAXING TREATMENT BY CODAGE:   Surrender to a deep and enveloping massage that will calm you down and give you a moment of pure relaxation. The use of a specific serum for skin nutrition is paired with manual techniques performed at different rhythms that will help you release the stress and re-energize body and mind.

Duration: 60 min |   Price:   € 130.00

DRAINAGE & SLIMMING: This toning full body massage was designed for you, with the goal of stimulating the micro blood flow for a true feeling of comfort and lightness, improving the look of skin and cellulitis.

Duration: 60 min |   Price:   € 140.00

DEEP MUSCLE RELIEF:   This invigorating massage is perfect before or after sports practice, relieving tension, and immediately relaxing your muscles. It´s an effective massage to relieve the daily stress, in which our beauty ambassadors use vigorous and specialized techniques that deliver a sense of vitality and lightness.

Duration: 60 min |   Price:   € 140.00