Our Story by Paulo Costa, CEO

Vila Foz Hotel & Spa filled an existing gap in the city's hotel offer. With a concept of refinement and well-being, this unit offers an excellent Spa service and an exclusive area dedicated to events, as well as a Bar area and two distinct restaurants: the Vila Foz Restaurant with a Fine Dining concept and the Flor de Lis Restaurant, with local cuisine and wines from the region, both led by Chef Arnaldo Azevedo. With a customized service, Vila Foz Hotel & Spa provides the most diverse experiences, inside and outside the Hotel, for guests to experience truly special moments during their stay.


Here is the story of Vila Foz Hotel and Spa, told in the first person by its CEO, Paulo Costa.

“Having been involved with a pioneering and differentiating hotel project in Porto city center until 2018, I was able to observe, on the front line, the extraordinary development of tourism activity in the city over the last 10 years. I realized that the destination Porto and the North region was consolidated and there was space and curiosity on the side of those visiting to explore a little beyond the center - other stories, other neighborhoods, other faces of the city. Porto has the privilege of being a city of river and sea. Both have a unique and very particular charm. I came to the conclusion that it would make sense to bring some accommodation capacity to this Porto that lives by the sea - in fact, the noblest area of ​​the city. Also personally, Foz (the Mouth of the River neighborhood) is a special place for me. This is where I live my daily life. I like the idea of ​​sharing it with those looking for a different side of the city.


This is how the idea of ​​Vila Foz Hotel & Spa was born. The following steps were quite evident: to get one of the emblematic buildings of this area of ​​the city, a 19th-century mansion with history and family stories to tell, on the first line of the sea, and give it the comfort and the glamor of a welcoming, unique and exclusive hotel. In doing so, we went back in the history of Porto to the origins of Foz, which began as a land of fishermen, as it can still be seen from the seaport, forts, and fortresses that still exist today. It was at the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th, that Foz gained the status of a seaside resort for the inhabitants of Porto and its surroundings. This is when the upper-class families built these palatial mansions to spend the summer. From summer houses they turned into permanent residences, giving place to the neighborhood of excellence that remains until today.


What we want is to offer the authenticity of Foz. This is markedly a residential area, with services and leisure activities. In addition to the beaches, there is neighborhood life here. People know each other, people greet each other. There are grocery stores, traditional shops, small restaurants and local pastries. This is what we want to offer our guests. This is, after all, the essence and charisma of Foz. Those looking for us value the strong involvement with the locals, the accentuated cultural and contemporary aspect, the well-being and tranquility we find here. At the same time, we are next to the center of Porto, with a strategic location that allows easy access to the North region. It’s ideal for those who want to experience different activities, be it a city tour, a visit to the Douro or to the neighboring cities. From here, one can also enjoy the magnificent coast that extends to the North of Spain. And of course, simply enjoy the Hotel itself, the endless Atlantic in front of us and our Spa and Wellness services for moments of escape and relaxation. And because we respect and value the neighborhood, we immediately decided to open our house to the city, to open our services to the locals. That’s what makes sense so that we feel that we add value to the neighborhood where we belong and that we’re part of.


Vila Foz Hotel & Spa intends to offer its guests more than a Hotel room. We want our guests to feel at home, where they will find the comfort and tranquility that will transform their stay into an experience of absolute well-being. We have an attentive and personalized service, with a Concierge always present and available to respond to the most varied requests. Never crossing that border of invasion of the individual space. This is our philosophy, our way.


And because this is a people-to-people project, a final note to remember that the true differentiation of a project lies in the people. Our teams make the difference, I say it with pride. It’s the motivation and commitment of our staff, the awaken emotions in our guests, the daily exchange of experiences, the enormous satisfaction of an earned smile.”