From Our Chef, Especially For You

In charge of our Vila Foz and Flor de Lis Restaurants, Chef Arnaldo Azevedo needs no introduction. Bold and creative, he dedicates heart and soul to the alchemy of flavors for which he is responsible in these two kitchens. At the table, we get dishes that transport us to memories kept in hidden places in us or dishes that take us in the most sublime and unexpected adventures.


We wanted to know more about the flavors that live in our Chef's Christmas memories and we got an early Christmas present: the recipe for his famous and unmistakable “Rabanada de Brioche” (Brioche French Toast).


First things first. All families have their customs, their sharing, there is a deep warmth in the unique heritage that makes up each family Christmas’ tradition. On a return to childhood and to the memories of the Christmas table at the family house, Chef Arnaldo tells us that certain sweets could not be missing, such as French Toast in Port Wine Syrup, Sweet Vermicelli, Rice Pudding, Pumpkin Cakes with Nuts and homemade Sponge Cake. A list far from being exhaustive, but these were the ones that first came to mind as the indispensable ones. This is the reason why, also today, they cannot be missing at our Chef's Christmas table.


We can probably say, with some consensus, that French Toast is one of the most common desserts at the Portuguese Christmas’ Eve Dinner. Soaked in milk, wine or water, roasted in the oven or fried, dried or in syrup, there are many possible variants of this traditional Portuguese delicacy. Chef Arnaldo Azevedo's Brioche French Toast is rich in flavor and texture and has been refined, with the rigor of a demanding palate, to the taste of the Chef. Simple, without tricks, the flavor of Christmas.


Try it at home, surprise the family. And the good news is that the Brioche French Toast is part of the menu at our Flor de Lis Restaurant, so whenever you feel like having a French Toast out of season (or in season, of course!), you already know where to find it.


Merry Christmas. May it be a Christmas of sharing many new and old stories, old and new flavors!




Brioche French Toast with Rum Custard

- - Ingredients - -


  1. Brioche

- 2 kg of flour

- 420 gr of sugar

- 400 gr whole egg

- 300 gr of butter

- 800 gr of milk

- 100 gr of fresh baker's yeast


  1. Rum Custard

- 1 l of milk

- 10 egg yolks

- 200 gr of sugar

- 1 vanilla pod

- 40 ml of rum


  1. Custard to soak the French Toasts

- 2 l of milk

- 10 egg yolks

- 100 gr of sugar

- 6 lemon zests

- 2 cinnamon sticks



 + Sugar and cinnamon powder


 - - Preparation - -



Add the milk and the yeast in the mixer bowl, dissolve the yeast with the whisks. Add the butter, eggs, sugar and flour and mix with the beater. Let it rise for an hour. Put it in a rectangular cake tin greased with butter. Let it rise for another hour. Bake at 180° C for 35 minutes. Cut and let the brioche dry well.

Soak in the custard, dip it in the egg, fry it, sit it in the cinnamon and sugar and serve with the rum custard.


Soaking Custard:

Infuse the milk with the lemon and cinnamon. Cook the milk with the egg yolks and sugar at 83° C.


Rum Custard:

Infuse the milk with the vanilla. Cook the milk with the egg yolks and sugar at 83° C. Add the rum.