From Our Beauty Ambassadors

Our skin requires care, pampering, dedication. The truth is that the skin is an essential organ for the health of our body, since it acts as a protective barrier against external environment agents, namely fungi and bacteria. It consists of three layers - epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.


The Beauty Ambassadors at Vila Foz Spa know all their secrets and needs. In order for you to make the most of your face's daily cleaning routine, we want to share some tips and advice that will help you achieve better results and a pleasant sensation of well-being.


We must take care of our face daily, morning and night. In order to have the healthy and balanced skin we want, it’s essential to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Thus, our day and night beauty rituals must incorporate several steps.

1. First of all, cleansing. Cleaning the face is a simple and mandatory gesture, upon waking up and going to sleep, in order to eliminate impurities, avoid pore clogging and preserve the cell regeneration process. A cleaned skin is the perfect base to enhance the effect of moisturizers and anti-aging creams, in addition to promoting cell renewal at night and protecting the skin during the day. Whether in the form of milk, mousse, cream, gel or micellar water, it’s important that you choose a product suitable for your type of skin, fully respecting it and cleansing it thoroughly.


- The night requires special attention. It’s necessary to remove all the impurities accumulated during the day, as a result of exposure to pollution and other external aggressions. If you use makeup, you should take extra care and carefully remove all products that prevent the skin from breathing deeply and regenerating. If so, you may need a specific eye cleanser to ensure complete removal of all makeup.


- In the morning, we want to wake up our skin, cleanse the impurities and toxins released during the night, leave it fresh and prepared for another day of exposure.


Our advice: a good solution for your morning rush is to have your cleanser at the shower and clean your face while you’re showering. Practical sense without forgetting the beauty routine!


2. The next step is toning. Many probably ignore the importance of this second step in the daily beauty care ritual and tend to skip it. The truth is that the properties of tonics are essential for the pH balance of the skin of our face and its consequent ability to defend against daily aggressions. To make it clear, what happens is that our skin has a pH of around 5, it’s acid precisely to avoid external contamination. Now, the cleaning products have pH 7 (neutral), which causes the pH of the face skin to be higher than it should be. The tonic corrects this situation and restores pH to 5, which guarantees the adequate protection barrier and the unblocking of the pores - necessary for the full absorption of the products applied in the next phase. Again, it’s very important that you choose a suitable tonic for your skin type.


Our advice: think of tonic as an essential product for the skin, since its good use is indispensable for the health of your skin. Apply the tonic with a cotton pad or with your fingertips in circular movements.


3. The last phase is moisturizing. It’s essential to restore the skin's moisture, returning the amount of water fundamental to its balance. Restoring the skin's natural moisture helps to relieve tension and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, in addition to ensuring the light and shine essential to a radiant and healthy appearance.


- You should apply an eye cream or serum, as needed.


- Likewise, you should apply a facial serum suitable for your skin. The serum contains ingredients that produce faster and deeper effects, hence its importance in terms of prevention. A serum with antioxidants enhances the vitality and firmness of the skin. It’s not by chance they are called super cosmetics and should be applied morning and night.


- Finally, apply the day or night cream, depending on the time of the day. This will bring you comfort and hydration. Be careful to choose a day cream that includes sun protection (or apply that protection separately).


Our advice: put the serum or eye cream on the door of your fridge. In addition to providing a very pleasant sensation, applying this cold product will enhance its effectiveness and allow better results in relieving the formation of puffiness and dark circles in the eyes.



Take care of yourself and of your skin. At Vila Foz Spa, we can help you find your routines and recover your balance. And be sure to visit us if you think your skin needs some extra care.


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