Matosinhos Market: diversity and vitality in one place

Just a ten-minute drive from Vila Foz Hotel & Spa, Matosinhos Market is a must-visit attraction for anyone in the area. Housed in a historic city and municipality building, it boasts original architecture, frescoes, and restaurants, offering a diverse gastronomic experience. It also includes a design incubator and has become a space for events, exhibitions, and festivals. Get to know this iconic market better! From the origins of Matosinhos Market to the present day, Matosinhos Market is an essential location for locals and tourists, combining tradition and modernity in one space. Opened on May 27, 1952, it is a reference in modern architecture, designed by the ARS group – Architects: Fortunato Cabral, Morais Soares, and Cunha Leão. The ceramic panels on the north facade of the building were designed by Américo Soares Braga. The variety and quality of the fresh products – mainly vegetables, fish, and seafood – have attracted residents for generations. Today, Matosinhos Market also houses various shops such as clothing stores, shoe stores, cafes, and grocery stores, among others, and there is also a specific area dedicated to the incubation of design companies. It also offers excellent dining and drinking options, from homemade cakes, sushi, and Italian food to boards and wines. You can even choose the fish or seafood you want to consume at the stall and leave it at the Bistrô by Vila Foz restaurant - which will open soon - to be expertly prepared and then enjoyed by you in the comfort of the same place. In addition, various events have been organized in recent years, including a Gastronomic Film Showcase, photo exhibitions, concerts and performances, workshops, and creative labs. With its rich history, diversity of products, and vibrant atmosphere, Matosinhos Market is an unmissable landmark for anyone visiting the city. Whether you're shopping, enjoying a delicious meal, or simply soaking up the place's unique atmosphere, the market never fails to enchant and surprise its visitors.