FIVE ELEMENT FACIAL AROMA: Facial treatment adapted to each customer, pairing the 5 elements and including the best skincare. This transforming facial treatment combines healing plants, vitamins, and sea extracts that nourish the skin and restore its balance, providing a healthier and more vibrant skin. It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, nutrition, and a luxurious 20-minute facial massage. This treatment restores the skin, allowing immediate and lasting results.

Duration: 60 min | Price: € 140.00

MOISTURE REPLENISH & HYDRATING: Reduced skin hydration is one of the main causes of premature aging. We use patented hydration technology and hyaluronic acid to improve skin absorption of the nutrients. The result is a firm, nourished, and highly hydrated skin. Perfect for dry, mature, and tired skin.

Duration: 60 min | Price:   € 140.00

CLEAR CLEANSE FACIAL: Pollution, lifestyle, and stress are currently the main enemies of our skin. To restore its balance we suggest our intensive cleansing facial, which includes an Aloe Vera and cucumber revitalizing mask, followed by a clay mask rich in minerals, infused in the purifying elements of rosemary and tea tree. This treatment stimulates toxins’ micro drainage and helps reducing the pores.

Duration: 60 min | Price:   € 140.00

AGE SUPPORT EYE LIFT: This treatment combines peptides of skin-strengthening and straightening plants, blue-green seaweed, and proteins with a lymphatic drainage and a cold stones acupressure massage. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, puffy eyes, and dark circles. This treatment is perfect for eye fatigue and has anti-aging properties.

Duration: 30 min | Price:   € 100.00