MATERNITY MASSAGE: A massage specifically designed for the needs of the body during pregnancy.  This treatment is the perfect moment to relieve back pain, lower liquid retention, improve the look of your stretch marks and promote an optimal state of wellbeing and tranquility. Using a mandarin, rose and lavender flower infusion, our prenatal massage is a gift for any future mother.

Duration: 60 min | Price:   € 140.00

FIVE ELEMENTS: Create your own aromatherapy experience, where you can combine adequate essential oils’ infusions, hot stones, and therapeutic techniques that will provide you an unique and relaxing moment. We recommend Wood for Rejuvenating, Fire for Enthusiasm, Earth for Balance, Metal for Detox, and Water for Tranquility. This treatment combines eastern and western massage techniques and thermal therapy to help balancing mind and body.

Duration: 60 min / 90 min | Price:   € 130.00 / € 170.00

THAI QI FUSION: Treat yourself to an invigorating therapeutic treatment, integrating Thai herbs compresses, massage, stretches and acupressure techniques tailored for your senses. The exclusive Thai Qi Fusion helps the body´s natural energy flow, restoring the being as a whole.

Duration: 90 min | Price:   € 170.00

FIVE ELEMENT ACUPRESSURE SCALP MASSAGE: Allow yourself to be involved in an extremely relaxing scalp therapeutic massage using a customized oil. It calms down and centers the mind, while hydrating and nourishing your hair, leaving it smooth and silky. It releases the head and neck tension, restoring energy, and deep comfort.

Duration: 45 min | Price: € 100.00

FIVE ELEMENT FOOT SOAK & MASSAGE: After a long walk in Porto's historic city center, relieve the fatigue of your feet with this luxurious bath and acupressure massage. Do not overlook the details and give your feet the care they deserve.

Duration: 30 min | Price: € 100.00