Exclusive Journeys

HAUTE COUTURE TREATMENT: A true icon by Maison Codage, this facial and rejuvenating body massage is the best personalized experience which takes your preferences into account. It will illuminate your skin and give you a very pleasant sensation of wellbeing (includes skin diagnosis).

Duration: 120 min / 180 min | Price: € 250.00 / € 330.00

ELEMENTAL BLISS: Immerse yourself in this unique Spa experience, a head to toe ritual that starts with a rejuvenating exfoliation. Then, surrender to a sublime and involving chamomile and damask rose-based massage. The ritual ends with a luxurious and hydrating facial and a soothing experience for the scalp and feet that will release every tension and leave your mind calm and centered.

Duration: 160 min | Price: € 290.00

THERMAL DETOX: This invigorating body treatment, driver of the blood flow, starts with the application of karité butter and Himalayan salts that help removing dead skin cells, before involving it in thermal clay infused with purifying botanical oils. While the mask acts on the skin, a relaxing and soothing massage is applied on the scalp, using oriental massage techniques to stimulate the blood flow and reinvigorate the senses. At the end, a lymphatic massage contributes to fight liquid retention.

Duration: 120 min | Price: 220,00 €

SERENITY FOR 2: Experience total relaxation during a tranquil holistic moment for two. This ritual begins with a feet treatment, a symbolic preparation with a scrub to smooth and relieve the skin. Surrender to deep rest, with a synergistic blend of essential oils, using ancient techniques. The massage is focused on energy flow and muscle relief.

Duration: 120 min | Price: € 390.00

5 ELEMENTS BALANCE FOR 2: The Shamans have been using heated stones for healing practices, for centuries. This ritual begins with a relaxing feet ritual, followed by a back massage and a luxurious scalp treatment that will provide lasting comfort and wellbeing. You will be surprised by the way heated stones relieve muscle tension and restore energy and vitality.

Duration: 120 min | Price: € 390.00

SUNSET RITUAL FOR 2: Let your body, mind and spirit be pampered by a truly holistic massage, using the best ingredients and natural products. Choose this sophisticated massage in an exclusive setting for couples, where natural balance and harmony are restored.

Duration: 60 min / 90 min | Price: € 250.00 / € 330.00

SEASONAL PROGRAM: Create your own seasonal experience with our beauty ambassadors and combine endless possibilities for your signature treatment. In the calm environment of our Spa, we invite you to create your own experience, with a combination of body and/or face rituals of about two or three hours and receive a 30-minute scalp massage to complement your experience.