Sonnet of Winter and Beginnings


In the winter of the soul, where the cold persists,

Sprouts a beginning, small and radiant,

In verses the heart dictates and insists,

A song of hope, so vibrant.


Loneliness, like a dense mist,

Envelops me, in an embrace of nostalgy,

In my verses, melancholy is intense,

Under a ray of light in the obscurity.


Suffering is the master guiding me,

On this stage of created emotions.

My soul naked, my heartbeat,

Refuge in a body of exchanged sorrows.


Ah, and the desire to be happy that warms my being,

With the promise of a slow spring.



* This sonnet, the result of a combination of AI and human creativity, aims to recreate the literary universe of one of the great female voices in Portuguese poetry, Florbela Espanca. Delving into the poetic essence of the author, winter transcends the season to become a metaphor of an icy soul, where persistent cold sets the stage for a delicate new beginning. Seasons change, bringing hopes of fresh springs.