Tales of the Sea and of the Porto Soul


In this perpetual encounter, where the river surrenders to the embrace of the sea,

Porto speaks to us with words that whisper in the alleys of the heart.

It's a sea with an accent, one heard in the echoing waves along the coast,

singing ballads of greater loves, of lives eternally lost.


Eternally found.


The Atlantic, like a mysterious woman, dances with the moon,

her foamy hair kissing the sand with ancient promises.

And on foggy nights, the city repeats the lament of seagulls,

like souls mourning nostalgic loves.


Sea of Porto, you are poetry embroidered on linen handkerchiefs,

a witness to stories written on the walls of the past.

The waves, like murmurs, carry hidden secrets

of forbidden loves and adventures forever engraved.


In Foz, where palatial houses hold ancient embraces,

the sea whispers verses of longing, in an endless melody.

And the grains of sand, worn by time, hold memories of stories

that resonate like lost sighs in the eternity of the ocean.


Eternally kept.


Porto and the sea, eternal lovers in this sacred place,

share secrets of passions that resist time.

And on starry nights, the Douro gives itself to the Atlantic,

in a tender kiss, proudly sealed by the city.


*This poem, woven with words smelling of sea breeze, was recreated in the literary style of the renowned Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. A fusion of artificial intelligence and human creativity brought these lines to life, attempting to capture the essence of Neruda's style, celebrating with him the sea of Porto and the stories echoing through its waves.