Our history

Vila Foz Hotel & Spa is born of the will to reveal another face of the city, something besides the Porto of the river, the Porto of the historic center, the Porto of the monuments. This is the Porto of the sea, of the Atlantic Ocean´s infinitude, of the soft scent of the salt water, of the wonderful terraces on the sand. This is the Porto of Foz, a traditional neighborhood that used to be a fishing port, but which became the city´s seaside resort in the 19th century. This is where wealthier families built Manor Houses to spend the summer and bathe in the therapeutic, rich in iodine, waters of its beaches. It didn’t take long until this became the most distinctive and noblest neighborhood in the city. Summer houses became permanent homes and Foz grew in parallel with the city, with a strong neighborhood feeling, where a deep sense of proximity and affinity among its inhabitants still prevails.


Inspired by the past and willing to share some of that 1800s glamour with those who treasure the history and authenticity of places, the Hotel was established in one of these Manor Houses, right on the ocean-front, in one of the most emblematic avenues of the city, bringing Foz closer to our visitors


We knew that in order to bring value to this project, respecting the history and integrity of this magnificent house and of the neighborhood, while at the same time increasing the capacity of the unit, we would have to choose the right partners and do an exemplary job. The architecture project was led by Gabinete Miguel Cardoso Arquiteto, to whom the challenge consisted of projecting a Hotel where the present would transport us to the past, but with nowadays’ comfort and modernity. Besides, we also wanted to deepen the bond between the sea and the green of the gardens, in order to provide a global experience of comfort, light, and nature. The design is the work of Nini Andrade Silva, a world-renowned interior designer, with works all over the globe. Nini’s project guaranteed respect for the architectural lines of the late 19th century Manor House, while at the same time ensuring a bold contemporaneity and maintaining her usual high refinement standards.


We, therefore, built a new building, inspired in plain lines, creating a perfect harmony between the two styles. Built-in reinforced concrete and finalized with glass and plaster, it incorporates the textures and architectural elements of the Manor House through an inner passageway that gradually reveals the trans-formation to modern lines. Harmoniously integrated into space, with the sought discretion, the lightness of the materials and the transparency of the glass communicate well with the blue of the immense open sky and the endless sea, while intensifying the feeling of having them even closer to us. Next to the building, a Metrosideros tree that is part of the history of these gardens stands out, a protected species typical of this area of the town, which made the entire architectural project to be conceived around this centennial tree.


This is how Vila Foz Hotel & Spa is born, a refuge of wellness and comfort a few minutes away from the sparkling city. A challenge already won. And mainly, a privilege that we are truly happy to share.


This is the story of how we got here. The rest of the story will be told together with you.